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Custom design

A new way to approach your custom tattoo by Miguel.

Please remember Miguel doesn't give prices or quotes over the phone or via emails, you need to come to the studio for a consultation so we'll be able to give you a quote.

On your first consultation you'll discuss your own ideas with him and the final design will be ready by the date for your appoitmment, then you will see the design on your own part of the body where your tattoo will be placed before getting tattooed.

* 48Hrs. notice to reschedule your appointment or you lost your deposit, for more details visit Terms and Conditions.



Massimo's Tattoo.

Massimo had two tribal designs on his back which he wasn't very happy with and he wanted to cover them up with a mask and use only black and grey ink. Miguel created few ideas and this is the result, an impressive "Leaf man". It took a total of 12 hours tattooing divided in two sessions.


This is what the tattoo will look like.

The final cover up. Click to enlarge image.


Gwen's tattoo.

Gwen had an existing baby tiger on one of her hips and asked Miguel if it could be possible to design a nice cute, sleepy baby tiger to match the other one. This is the result.

The design


This is what the tattoo will look like.

The actual tattoo. Click to enlarge image.

Here it is the new video clip featuring The Carnabys song and Jack's tattoo with a Sailor Jerry design.  
Cover up with Stonehenge tattoo, perform in 5 hours at TLC tattoo in Twickenham
This video shows the whole process of a custom tattoo, from the sketch to the actual tattoo. This work took 10 hours divided in two sessions.  
This Video shows a freehand work, just with simple guide lines. The actual tattoo process took around 3 hours.  

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