My first new blog

Dear audience

I been mean to do this for a very long time but now with the amazing help of Jayd Kent aka “Ana Morphic” we just finish to set up a blog for myself. Woop woop.

This is meant a free safe space to myself to write about different topics and to share what is in my head and opinions.

You must wonder why? If is so many social media places where I can be heard right? But in the last year I have seen so many friends and acquaintance feel like social media it has turn into a very frivolous, lack of respect, bullies and not truly representative of their values and moral.

So I decide to take action of my own decision creating this space.

I’m not expecting that you will agree with me in what I will write here, I understand we all have different points of view, different upbringing and different values, but luckily and thank to wonderful friends I make it posible to have this space only for me. You can alway comment and give your opinions but just remember that I will be the moderator so be kind and respectful of others ideas and your will be respected here with mines.

Big love and let start this journey…

Miguel Angel

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