Bike cycle riders!

Today for first time this summer I took my bike to ride home (I got tattoo my knee so couldn’t do it before) So to put in perspective I have a Felt bike that is a fat tire like those Californian bike but in the style of a bike from the 1900. Has all the confort big memory foam spring sit, internal 7 gears and amazing brakes. Yes if you can picture it in your head look heavy, but is aircraft aluminium so is not that heavy. I mostly can describe it as the Bentley of the bikes, so when you put the foot down you just fly through.

Today I was flying through and an army of around 5 of those pro-bikers that are lots in London ( pro helmet, pro spandex, pro blokes, and of course their £5k carbon fibre bikes. They sort of try to over take (from the left) while I’m riding on the middle of my lane as a good quick rider with do, then in a bit of traffic they all try to over take from the left (buses and cars) while I was overtaking a bit from the right (as you do as anyone using the roads) and as it was fully clear I took a great advantage of them (while I was texting my wife I was on my way) (don’t do that boys if you are an amateur) then in the next red light they all try to over take on the left while I was sailing through in my right of way overtaking from the right then obituary this “pro/experts” they got any at me and try to takeover for third time from the left and of course what it happened??one of them nearly end up underneath of a bus!

Lesson: if you think your are a pro bike rider obey the road rules, that’s why is been designed for years for the safety of everyone, when you overtake a motor vehicle (me as a driver) we don’t expect any thing overtaking from inside (left side in UK) you should alway ride in the middle, overtake from the right and more importantly DONT EVER! TRY TO COMPETE WITH A CRUISER BIKE WITH A HAIRY MAN WITH STRONG LEGS!

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