“Home Tattooist” the glorified “private tattooing”

Home Tattooist…

After been in Spain 2 years I started to miss working with other artist, but in Spain to be able to work in a “studio” you must have a course called “higenico Sanitario” which is a pile of crap! Specially because the one I did is sponsored and collaborate with the Ayuntamiento de Gran Canaria, first all course content dated from 2004 nearly 2 decades old.

Just so you get the perspective into the course it’s say that “after finishing the tattoo you ‘must’ destroy the needles” , I wonder if is was with your hands? With your teeth? With pliers? ; then tattoos must be cover with gauze and Vaseline, you must not drink water before the tattoo, even it says that you can virtually sterilise with anything (home kitchen oven? Just because we are talking about home tattooing) also the course says that you will get AIDS from your mother!!!!

So few weeks ago I went to tattoo in a studio somewhere in Spain and they told me they couldn’t share pictures or on Instagram about me because I’m a “Home tattooist”! I didn’t know if to laugh or cry (of laughter), and that ground me the level of ignorance in the tattoo industry now days but especially in little villages or towns in Spain. The fact that the government make people pay for a course that is dated nearly a quarter of a century a go, it say it all.

So yes, I’m a proud “home tattooist”, that only doesn’t tattoos that I want to do, I can, and I want to go above and beyond the standards on studios, I can work in a intimate and personal space, I can take my time and enjoy my tattoos because I love with all my heart tattooing people, but more importantly I bond with my clients forever, yes is another level of tattooing is not commercial, you can’t walk into my place and get tattooed, I need to want to do your tattoo.

On the other hand people from studios that can call me “home tattooist” I will say at least I don’t do tattoos of partners names, a silly star, or a wave or a pineapple or just a line and dots, I create tattoos for unique people that travel miles to get tattoo only by me, also I used the right procedure (equipment and products) for the highest standards can possibly a tattoo place can have. I seen and worked in studio where are dirty toilets with not even toilet paper, or no autoclave, or clean the floor or surfaces with household stuff (not high level medical products) I had work in places with the bin fulls and shit coming out of them and dirt and ink on working surfaces even not long a go I seen a “insta-story” where the artist where eating in the tattoo both while other working in the background.

Now all this make me glad to be a “HOME TATTOOIST’ yes I will repeatedly say im a “HOME TATTOOIST” I just love it!

So to all people just remember one thing, some studios work to make money, I work to make great tattoos, big love ! 

Home Tattooist working from….HOME

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